Yoga & Meditation

Weekly Drop-in Meditation

Thursdays at 7:15p

Experience the power of meditation. Become centered in yourself and aligned with the present moment. Respond more effectively to stress and ease symptoms of depression and anxiety. Gain the ability to default to compassion in a relaxed, grounded state. Sessions will include several styles of meditation, breathing techniques, mudras, gentle stretches, journaling, and more. Help increase your ability to focus while giving yourself greater energy and enthusiasm for life! No experience is necessary. Drop in $12



Drop In Meditation                              $12

Private Meditation Session                $65 (75 min)


Weekly Elemental Yoga Classes 

Wednesdays at 6:30p

Classes are based on balance through the seasons, acclimating the body, mind and spirit for the changes each season brings. Wednesdays at 6:30.


1 Hour Class                          $12.00

5 Class Pass                          $50.00

Private session                      $50.00          

Kids Yoga Class                     $10.00

Seniors Yoga Class                $5.00   


Yoga Therapy

Yoga helps us purify these elements and restore balance and health, and to unfold the inner powers and abilities contained in each element. In fact, yoga is one of the most powerful ways to restore health because it gives us the means to bring even those elements that are natural enemies into harmonious relationships with each other. Through consciously working with the elements, we learn how to attain and maintain health and also how to consciously enjoy a long and fulfilling life based on higher awareness.


Private Yoga 

Private 90 minute session                   $75

Private 60 minute session                   $65


Yoga Therapy

Private session                                       $100

Small Group Yoga Therapy                 $25 (4 people)

Small Group Yoga/Meditation           $15/person (4 people, 60 min)

Small Group Yoga/Meditation           $20/person (4 people, 90 min)