Hullistic Health offers a variety of services designed to meet the unique needs of our clients.  All of our therapies are designed to provide clients with the best in natural and holistic services.

Colonic Hydrotherapy 

Bowel Detox promotes regular, healthy and complete bowel movements, which is absolutely essential for your body’s health. It will remove old, accumulated toxins, poisons and fecal waste from your bowel, give you more energy, help you to feel lighter and give you a flatter stomach.

Anyone looking for general detoxification would need a total of 3 sessions over a 3 week period. Those choosing to do a deeper, more complete cleanse may opt for 6 sessions over 4 to 8 weeks.  Once your initial series is completed, maintenance can begin.  Maintenance sessions are recommended at 1 visit per month. Maintenance is necessary in order to continue all of the great benefits you have already given to your body with an initial series.  Monthly cleanses help to keep toxic load at a minimum while continuing to decrease the burden on your other eliminative organ.


Initial Session                                       $130.00

Return Session                                     $100.00

Package of 6                                          $540.00

Coffee Enema                                        $75.00

** add on to a colonic                          $50.00


Lymphatic Drainage

A large number of lymphatic channels lie directly beneath the skin and play a significant role in maintaining health and beauty.  Lymphatic drainage, long a standard part of the European beauty regime, helps the lymphatic system function more efficiently by facilitating toxin removal and improving skin circulation. The result: healthier, glowing skin and a more beautiful complexion.

Phytobiodermie’s Biodraineur is a sophisticated piece of equipment that uses state-of-the-art technology to create a gentle, pulsed massage, thereby encouraging a faster and more efficient flow of lymph. The treatment is completely non- invasive and leaves the client with a soothing and relaxed sense of well-being. All products used in the body treatments are natural and energetic designed to de-stress and detoxify the organs in the body. Treatments are customized to your particular body type and biorythm. All products used in the body treatments are natural & energetic, designed to detoxify, de-stress, relax and purifyFor optimal results, we recommend working on each of the five elements in sequence with a series of 5 treatments in a 30 day period.


Single Element Face                            $125.00  (1.5 hours)

Five Element Face                               $150.00 (2 hours)

Face and Body                                       $250.00  (3 hours)

Healthy Breast Treatment                  $125.00  (1.5 hours)

Core Correction                                    $125.00  (1.5 hours)

** All Lymph Drainage includes a 30 min Infrared Sauna


Vitality Liver Wrap

This Castor Oil liver pack contains liquorice, pfaffia, juniper berry and rose geranium. Research shows that Castor oil packs and their use on the human body extends back in time to ancient Egypt, where castor oil was used therapeutically particularly in restoring the nervous system as well as most of the other systems of the body. They have a profound effect in helping restore the body back to health. In Naturopathic medicine it is believed castor oil packs enhance and speed up the recuperative process and that the effect of castor oil or ‘Palma Christi’ activates the cells into a new pattern of recognition.

$50 (30 min) 


Far Infrared Sauna

Our custom made, cedar, infrared sauna produces a radiant heat that penetrates through the skin to a very deep level to promote healing. Infrared heats the body from the core to beneath the skin’s surface while maintaining a comfortable air temperature. Deeply penetrating infrared heat is gentle and effective. treatment works differently than a traditional sauna, in that it  The infrared sauna decreases inflammation, stimulates blood and lymph circulation, increases metabolism and burning of calories, promotes detoxification to purify the body, deeply cleanses the skin for a youthful radiance, reduces cellulite, slows the aging process by promoting skin cell regeneration and releasing toxins from the body, and deep muscular relaxation to relieve tension and stress. It is necessary to drink plenty of water both before and after this treatment to facilitate the hydration process.

Infared Sauna

                              Single Session                                       $30.00  (up to 45 minutes)

 Package of 6                                          $150.00

Unlimited 30 Day                                $200.00


Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Like a facial for the body, this treatment will leave your skin hydrated and your body glowing. Firm exfoliation of the body using long massage strokes leave the skin soft to the touch. Carefully balanced to both deeply cleanse and replenish, this treatment restores hydrated silkiness to skin.

$60 (45 min)

Seaweed Mineralizing Wrap

Remineralize, Detoxify and Hydrate your skin. Customize with essential oils or Phyto 5 Esserines to ramp up your results and longer lasting Detox, cellulite, remineralize.

$100  (1 hr)

Violet Clay Balancing Wrap

A silky, Violet Clay rich in a blend of natural essences will revitalize your state of being. Lemon and cypress will assist in the increase of lymph movement as it calms the nervous system bringing out your natural inner glow.

$100  (1 hr)

Cellulite Toning Treatment and Wrap

Exfoliation, chromalight, lymph drainage on specific areas plus a customized  signature wrap.  Increase circulation to cellulite areas to encourage the breakdown of toxins and fats stored in the cells. Home care tips with with dietary suggestions are encouraged.  Series recommended for optimal results and a more permanent change.

$125  (1.5hr)


Healthy Breast Treatment

  This treatment stimulates and detoxifies the breasts and the lymphatic region around the breasts and under arm area in order to provide optimal release of toxins leading to healthier more supple breasts. The process also improves the immune system by eliminating toxins from the body.


$125  (1.5 hr)

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