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Mikayla Birnstiel CNHP


Health and Lifestyle Consultations

*All in-person consultation prices include specially-formulated herbal teas and herbal supplement recommendations


Health Consultation                             $95.00                                                           

*Initial consult + follow-up

pH Testing and Consult                       $50.00                                                        

*Test your body’s pH levels to determine your body’s internal chemistry. Two pH number are collected, saliva and urine, and the pH levels of each determine the state of your internal health, vitamin/mineral absorption levels, etc.

pH Follow-Up                                       $20.00

Planning for Illness                              $65.00                                                      

*Dietary plan formulation, herbs and therapy to support transition post-diagnosis and support the body during medical treatments. 

Planning for Illness                              $30.00                                                               

 *In-person or by phone

Ayurveda Dosha Consult                    $60.00                                                           

*Know your body constitution type, gain lifestyle, herbal and dietary advice


Elemental Yoga Classes

Classes are based on balance through the seasons, acclimating the body, mind and spirit for the changes each season brings. Offered at various locations.

1 Hour Class                          $12.00

5 Class Pass                          $50.00

Private session                      $50.00          

Kids Yoga Class                     $10.00

Seniors Yoga Class                $5.00   


Foot Soakology


Sip n’ soak for relaxation and rejuvenation. Soaks available at office location, while Wellness Housecalls are also available to offer you spa and relaxation treatments in the comfort of your home. See below for a complete service list.

Single Session                                      $35.00                                                           

*Includes a pot of tea to sip while you soak!

Moonwalk Treatment                           $55.00                                                   

*Includes a pot of tea, aromatherapy and hand gentle massage

Package of 3 Moonwalks                    $135.00



  • Citrine Sun ~ Citrine scent with sunflower petals, cornflowers, lotus leaf
  • Green Tea and Jasmine ~ Key lime green tea leaves, infused with lavender flowers and oil
  • Detox ~ Activated charcoal, Himalayan salt, eucalyptus
  • Clarifying Mint ~ Lemony fresh scent and peel with assorted mint leaves of peppermint and spearmint
  • Foot rescue ~ Tea tree oil, pine, eucalyptus
  • Autumn Harvest ~ Sunflower, rose and licorice with wafts of clove and anise

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