Services by Meghan

Hullistic Health offers a variety of services designed to meet the unique needs of our clients.  All of our therapies are designed to provide clients with the best in natural and holistic services.


Colonic Hydrotherapy 

Initial Session                                       $130.00

Return Session                                     $100.00

Package of 6                                          $540.00

Coffee Enema                                        $75.00

** add on to a colonic                          $50.00


Infared Sauna

Single Session                                       $30.00  (up to 45 minutes)

Package of 6                                          $150.00

Unlimited 30 Day                                $200.00


Lymphatic Drainage

Single Element Face                            $125.00  (1.5 hours)

Five Element Face                                $150.00 (2 hours)

Face and Body                                       $250.00  (3 hours)

Healthy Breast Treatment                  $125.00  (1.5 hours)

Core Correction                                    $125.00  (1.5 hours)

** All Lymph Drainage includes a 30 min Infrared Sauna


Body Treatments 

Herbal Body Wrap                                $75.00  (1 hour)

Marine Body Scrub                               $60.00  (45 minutes)

Seaweed Body Wrap                             $100.00  (1 hour)

Violet Envelopment Wrap                   $100.00 (1 hour)

** All Body Treatments include a Detoxifying Dry Brushing


Seasonal Offerings:

21-Day Cleanse                                        $350.00


Customized body purification programs can be developed with your unique needs taken into account.  Pricing will vary for these individual programs.