Meghan Sylvester, LPN, Center Director


Meghan is a Holistic Health Nurse. It took a few years of traditional bedside nursing treating symptoms with medication to inspire Meghan to seek out complementary therapies. It started with Yoga to keep herself healthy and strong for her patients; which she grew so passionate about she became a certified Yoga instructor. It was her “frequent flyers” in and out of the hospital for chronic conditions that led her to further educate herself on different healing therapies.

Meghan Sylvester successfully trained as a Colon Hydro-therapist under Dr. Karen Clickner at The Institute for Structural and Integrative Studies in 2006.  Over the past 10 years Meghan has worked at the reputable ISIS Holistic Clinic and Nantucket Holistic Health.  She is fully versed in working with both gravity based systems and machine equipment.

Her in-depth knowledge of nutrition and clean lifestyle offer her clients insight to underlying health issues.  Her services can offer relief through colon-hydrotherapy and lymphatic drainage but to work with them in discovering the underlying causes of their health issues.  Meghan integrates her in-depth nursing background with her knowledge and experience in using food, nutritional and herbal supplements and lifestyle suggestions to help restore her client’s optimum health and well-being.

Her focus is to understand that each client is different and requires a different approach to colonic treatment as well as lifestyle and dietary changes.  Call to book an appointment, today!