Chant Circle




$20.00 register early as seating is limited 


Join voices increasing our vibration through the power of group sound. This is a fun-filled evening of singsong Sanskrit Mantra. Sanskrit pronunciations evokes a unique vibration in the universe, activating healing energies for ourselves and the planet. Our Chant Circles are like blessings for the body, bringing in the highest healing, prosperity, love, and illumination.  Come and feel how awesome it feels to chant. 

Rev. Jill Jardine leads the chanting circle, chanting in the sacred language of Sanskrit which activates your chakras and nadis, the subtle energy system of your body.  Chanting in Sanskrit will clear out blockages in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  We chant for prosperity, love, healing, protection and spiritual illumination.

 Chant with us It will make you feel better:) All are welcome. 


  Five Element Healing Meditation 

Held the first Thursday of every month





Our monthly meetings will provide simple instruction to heal yourself emotionally and energetically. Simple guided visualization, breathwork, and gentle movements are used to cultivate our own healing energy.  Diseases can either arrive from outside or from inside our bodies.  Five Element Healing Meditations correspond to the five major organ networks of the body. You will discover powerful mind-body exercises to balance blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, hormones and immune functions.  These simple exercises work with on our emotions, mind, energy in profound ways!