What We’re About

Hullistic Health closely follows the Chinese philosophy of health and illness.  Each one of the Chinese five elements – fire, earth, metal (or air), water and wood are represented in our logo.  Our unique location is surrounded by the elements: salt marshes, ledges, cliffs and rocky beaches.   Our location and its’ surroundings feature beautiful new scenery with each changing season.

Our internal landscape is affected by mother nature’s shifts in season. The human body is exposed to a variety of environmental stress factors during the changing seasons.  We are opened to potential illness and/or physical difficulty. Adapting to these seasonal changes is vital to good health!  We work closely with you to create individual health programs to establish baseline functioning and develop a comprehensive plan to move you toward your best self.

We are now offering complementary services with three local practitioners! Please see Prices for Services for further information on all services, classes and offerings!